3d Chess App Source Code

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This is a 3D board game. Simply activate the chess game on Android or iOS. Chess is a very popular sport and is often played in competitions. Play with a friend or alone. This game helps you to improve concentration, memory and strategic skills in a fun way.


3D chess for beginners and masters. Develop your chess strategy and chess tactics, face the challenge and be the Chess Master now! Touch the screen, move and drop the pieces, checkmate, Win!.

About Chess:

Chess is a board game for two players. It is played on a square board, made of 64 squares (8×8 grid). Each player starts with 16 pieces: 8 pawns, 2 knights, 2 bishops, 2 rooks, 1 queen and 1 king. The goal of the game is to try and checkmate the king of the opponent. Checkmate is a situation in which a player’s king is directly attacked by an opponent’s piece and has no possible move to escape.

Features of the project:

♞ Easy Play

♞ Board Rotation

♞ The pieces move slowly forward

♞ Easy Reskin

♞ How to Play Guide

♞ Removal pieces are visible on both sides of the board

♞ Play with Friends

♞ Pause, Resume, Restart function

♞ Powerful Sound Effects

♞ Admob Banner and Admob Interstitial are integrated

♞ Great graphics with layered PNG

♞ 64 & x86 bit Supports

♞ Rate and Share feature



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